Ultra Polycoats



Coating With a high-tech Italian plant with 5 coating heads, we are able to offer multi-color online printing on the machine. The coating heads are controlled by SERVO motor (as compared to pneumatic or simple AC motor on other Italian plants), helping us achieve up to 10 times better thickness control of coating than any of the Italian plants running in the country. We are able to offer finished leather in max width of 1800 mm. The usage of green technology helps us move towards an environment-friendly way to produce power. 30% of the total power consumed by the factory is generated by solar panels. We use the latest DOP recovery system with imported ESP to ensure zero particulate discharge in the atmosphere.


Apart from giving stellar results in online embossing, we have installed a multi-functional offline embossing machine as well that can do embossing, foil transfer, and vacuum embossing, bronzing, and other effects in a single pass of fabric. With ultra-fine control heaters confirming uniform heating throughout the width of the fabric, we never fail to amaze our customers with excellent surface finish, equal embossing & other effects on the desired fabric.


A state-of-the-art 4 colour PLC controlled machine is able to do front and back printing in a single pass and offer logo printing on the support fabric at no extra cost. Our main motive is to maintain the brand identity of our customers and stand apart from counterfeit products in the market. Each printing head has a unique cooling system that enables us to maintain the constant viscosity of the printing lacquer, ensuring a uniform tone of printing for the whole batch. The printing machine has various fabric conveying systems enabling the smooth running of the fabric of all thickness and textures.


Mixing Temperature, humidity, product purity, etc are some of the common parameters that need utmost focus and attention. We are the first company in India to use Nano Grinding in PVC paste preparation to cater to these parameters. All ingredients are added to the mixing vessel as per the optimized recipes stored in PLC. PLC controls all the powder and liquid dosing systems along with ingredient dosing rates, mixing duration along with mixing torque, and speed. With a single click, all recipes can be recalled and reused. We guarantee repeatability of specifications & shades over various production lots as there is no human interference in the procedure.

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